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At-Tasees Fehm e Deen Course (Online & On-Campus)


Allah says in Holy Quran: “And say: My Lord, increase me in knowledge.”
[Quran 20:114]

Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.
The pursuit of knowledge and the use of reason, based on sense and observation is made obligatory on all believers.
Under the Supervision of Grand Muhaddith Shaykh Abdullah Nasir Rehmanj & Sheikh Khalil-ul-Rehman Lakhvi, Burooj Institute presents

AT- TA’SEES (التأسيس)
Weekdays Fehm e deen course
(For Basic Understanding of Deen)

√ Basic Aqeedah & Tawheed
√ Tafseer Surah Baqarah
√ Seerah
√ Hadith
√ Fiqh Us Salah
√ Fiqh Ut Taharah
√ Fiqh Us Siyam
√ Fiqh Uz Zakat

Mon, Tues, & Thurs

7:00pm – 9:00pm

8 Months

Course Fee: PKR 1000/month

16th June 2020


  • Onsite & Online
  • Air conditioned Classrooms
  • Separate arrangement for females
  • Course Certificate
  • Based on Authentic Islamic Knowledge
  • Recordings Available

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