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Taha Pasha

Ustadh Taha Pasha

Taha Pasha has done Bachelors in Business Administration from IBA Karachi. Then he graduated from Jamia Abi Bakr (Mahad). Currently he is in the final years of Darse nizami at Mahad us Salafi Karachi. He has studied under the most prominent scholars of Karachi: Shaikh Abdullah Nasir Rehmani, Sheikh Khalil ur Rahman Lakhwi, Sheikh Abu Umar, Sheikh Mehmood Ahmed Hassan and likes.  He is the CEO of Burooj Institute and has been teaching various subjects at Burooj Institute. Usool Hadis, Usool Fiqh, Aqeeda, Arabic grammar and Hadith to name a few. Along with that he conducts workshops on dynamic topics. He regularly gives Jumuah Khutbas at different masajids in Karachi. He has also been invited to give short talks at various gatherings.