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Al Bidayah (fehm-e-Deen)

This course is designed to acquaint you with the important aspects of the basic knowledge of Islam.
It would cover basics of various subjects and topic areas including: Quran, Arabic, Hadith, Usool e Fiqh, Usool e Hadith, Aqeedah, Fiqh of Salah, Fiqh of Taharat, Fiqh of business transactions, Tarbiyah and Tazkiyah.


At-Ta’sees or the foundation is the very first step towards in the journey to acquiring the Divine knowledge meant to change one’s life and living it in a way that pleases our Creator. With its focus on the basic subjects, At-Ta’sees is aimed at building the necessary knowledge and skill base that can be of great help not only in acquiring higher levels of knowledge but also in living a more Shariah compliant life.


Al-Irtiqaa’ or the intermediate level is the rising of the level of knowledge. With an intensive focus on the subjects of the ShariahAl-Irtiqaa’ is a 2-year program aimed at increasing the level of students’ familiarity with the subjects and content of the Shariah. The program entails the basic understanding of the entire Quran (supplemented by the foundation level At-Ta’sees) as well as narrations from multiple books of Ahadith relating to a wide variety of topics. This allows the students to acquire a basic understanding of the manhaj of the Muhadditheen in their compilation and sorting of the books of Ahadith.