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Online Alim Alimah

At Ta'sees Online

Onsite Alim Alimah

Alim Alimah Program

Burooj Institute presents a part-time five-year executive certification program for both genders in Islamic Shariah Studies with online learning facility. The program is designed for brothers and sisters who are ready to embark on a journey to seek divine knowledge alongside heir work, family, education or obligations.


At-Ta’sees or the foundation is the very first step towards in the journey to acquiring the Divine knowledge meant to change one’s life and living it in a way that pleases our Creator. With its focus on the basic subjects, At-Ta’sees is aimed at building the necessary knowledge and skill base that can be of great help not only in acquiring higher levels of knowledge but also in living a more Shariah compliant life.


Past Courses

Arabic Grammar (BAR 201)

Arabic Grammar (BAR 201)

2 PM to 4 PM Every Sunday 24th Oct 2021 – 9th Jan 2022 Registration [...]

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Hadith – Fiqh of Hajj and Umrah (BHA 201)

Hadith – Fiqh of...

حج و عمرہ کے مسائل قرآن و سنت کی روشنی میں     مضامین مواقيت [...]

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Quran – Surah Younus (BQU 101)

Quran – Surah Younus...

حق کے دلائل پر ایک منفرد تفسیر “Then has there not been a [single] city [...]

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Fiqh of Taharah (Hadith)

Fiqh of Taharah (Hadith)

پاکیزگی کے مسائل قرآنُ سنت کی روشنی میں An in-depth study on the Islamic rulings [...]

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Our Esteemed


Sheikh Abu Umar

Graduate | Faculty of Hadith | University of Madinah | Saudi Arabia

Sheikh Muhammad Shareef Al-Madani

Graduate University of Madinah | Senior Teacher at Jamia Abi Bakar al Islamia 

Sheikh Zia Ul Haq Bhatti

Graduated Jamia Sattaria Islamia | Vice Sheikh Ul-Hadith Mahad as Salafi | Instructor Burooj Institute

Sheikh Ubaid-ur-Rehman

Graduate Mahad as Salafi | Senior Teacher at Mahad as Salafi 

Sheikh Nizaam-ud-Din

Graduate Madinah University | Instructor at Mahad as Salafi

Sheikh Abdus Samad

Graduated Jamia Islamia Madinah Munawwara | Mahad as Salafi 

Sheikh Taha Pasha
CEO & Instructor

Founding Member Burooj Institute | Graduated from Mahad as Salafi and Jamia Abi Bakr al Islamia (Mahad) | Graduated in Business Administration from IBA Karachi. 

Sheikh Hunain Habib

Graduate Mahad as Salafi | CAF and ACCA certified

Sheikh Muhammad Adeel Hanif
Instructor | Academics Head

Founding Member Burooj Institute | Graduated Jamia Abi Bakr | MPhil - Organizational Psychology - IOBM

Sheikh Mughees Ur Rahman
Instructor | Head Research Department

Instructor Mahad as Salafi | Graduated Mahad as Salafi | Specialization in Hadith | Studied Faculty Of Hadith from College of Masjid an Nabawi | B.A From KU

Ustad Muhammad Zain

Graduate Burooj Institute | Mechanical Engineer - GIK