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Spoken Arabic – For Young Ones

About Course

What great pleasure would it be to see our kids speaking the language of the Quran, fluently and sweetly. A first step towards their journey of ‘Ilm of Deen In shaa Allah.

Burooj Institute offers a SPOKEN ARABIC course exclusively designed for the young ones.

As Omar radi’Allahu’anhu said “تعلَّمُوا العربيَّةَ فإنَّها تثبِّتُ العقلَ وتزيدُ في المروءةِ”
“Learn Arabic, for it strengthens the intelligence and increases one’s noble conduct”
[Shu’ab al-Eemaan, al-Bayhaqi (4/187)]


  • Learning outcome
  • Vocabulary bank
  • Basic communication sentences
  • Basic counting
  • Simple Arabic sentence Reading
  • Understanding of the simple words

Days Timings Age
Mon & Wed 4:45PM to 5:45PM For Boys & Girls (8 to 12 years)

Starting date

Course Fee: Rs.950/- Per Month

Full Course Fee Required in Advance

Course Fee: Applicable

Starting 11 Nov 2019

Duration: 3 months


Hizbullah Khan

Hizbullah Khan

Head of the Arabic department of Burooj institute… He is a graduate from Jamia Abi […]


  • Onsite & Online
  • Air conditioned Classrooms
  • Separate arrangement for females
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Based on Authentic Islamic Knowledge
  • Highly interactive classroom environment
  • Course Manual
  • Vocabulary Maximization Techniques
  • Hand on Practice Drills

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