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Online Alim/Alimah

15th June 2020


16th June 2020

Surah Kahf
In-depth Study

24th June 2020

Exploring Tajweed - Part 2

7th July 2020

The Art of Living Happy


Hifz & Nazra

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At-Ta’sees or the foundation is the very first step towards in the journey to acquiring the Divine knowledge meant to change one’s life and living it in a way that pleases our Creator. With its focus on the basic subjects, At-Ta’sees is aimed at building the necessary knowledge and skill base that can be of great help not only in acquiring higher levels of knowledge but also in living a more Shariah compliant life.

Weekly Classes

Our Esteemed


Ustadh Taha Pasha
CEO & Founder of Burooj Institute
Bachelors in Business Administration from IBA Karachi. Then he graduated from Jamia Abi Bakr (Mahad).
Muhammad Adeel Hanif
Course Coordinator
He is the Founder and former CEO of Islamic Awareness Society, SZABIST. He memorized Quran at his early age, Alhamdulillah.
Shaikh Ubaid-ur-Rehman
Completed his Dars-e-Nizami 10 years back from Mahd-us-Salafi under the esteemed Grand Muhaddith Abdullah Nasir Rehmani Hafidhaullah.
Shaikh Abu Umar
completed his Graduation from the Faculty of Hadith from University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia.
Ustadh Fahad Haroon
He has done BBA in Finance from Institute of Business Administration (IoBM), Khi and shahadatul Aaliyah from wifaaq ul madaris As-salafiyyah, Pakistan
Shaikh Abdul Hannan Samrudi
He is a proud gradaute of Jamia Sattaria Islamia, Karachi. He is a well-known teacher of Tafsir & Hadith. He has also served Jamia Darul Hadith Rahmania as a Sheikh Ul Hadith.
Shaikh Usman Safdar

Fazil al mahad ul salafi (8 year dars e nizami), Graduate islamic university of madina (faculty of hadith),PhD in islamic banking and finance from karachi University

Hizbullah Khan
Head of the Arabic department of Burooj institute... He is a graduate from Jamia Abi bakar al islamiya from Kulliyatul hadeeth. He is a teacher and teacher trainer of the Arabic subject.
Shaikh Mahmood Ahmed Hasan
Shaikh Ul Hadith is amongst the senior scholars of Pakistan.He has a solid command on Tafseer and other Islamic Sciences. He is the teacher of numerous renowned scholars of Pakistan.
Shaikh Khalil-Ur-Rehman
He is amongst the senior scholars of Paksitan. He Graduated from Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia. He is currently serving as a dean at Mahad Al Quran.